What is Hoolah?
It is a payment option that allows you to get the items you need now and pay later with no interest.
You can use either debit or credit cards from any banks to make your purchase.
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    1. Cashback Mechanics

    Get $9 cash rebate when you spend $45 and above. Simply checkout with hoolah

    Limited to one order only per user during the promotional period.


    1. Terms & Conditions
    • The promotion is valid only in Singapore
    • The promotional period is from 9 September 2020, 00:00 to 9 September 2020, 23:59
    • Valid in conjunction with other promotions or discounts by the merchants
    • Applicable for all hoolah purchases made during the promotional period (Online & Offline)
    • The cashback is $9 with a minimum spend of $45. Limited to one order only
    • Cashback will be credited to your bank account 30 - 50 days after the campaign ends
    • We reserve the rights to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the promotion at any point of time without prior notice

    1. How the cashback campaign works
    1. On 9 September 2020, after you make a purchase with hoolah
    2. You will receive an email notification the next day about your cashback eligibility and the survey link to receive your reward. 
    3. You will have to fill in yourr particulars such as your PayNow account number / Bank Account details for hoolah to transfer the cash to you. 
    4. Hoolah will proceed to verify yourr order details and credit the money to your account after 30 - 50 days.
    1. When can you expect your reward?
  1. Day 1
  2. You made a purchase using hoolah. You will receive an email notification the next day with a survey link to fill in your details.

  3. Day 7 - 14
  4. Hoolah will send out a confirmation email after the completed the survey.

  5. Day 14 - Day 30
    This process takes the longest as hoolah have to ensure that you have received your goods and that there are no refunds made.

  6. Day 30 - Day 40
    Hoolah send out another email that entails the cashback amount and the bank account which they’ll be transferring to. This is to ensure that the details are correct.

  7. Reward
    Customer will receive their cash back in the bank account which they have submitted.